Swiftlane Review: Generating Property Value with Smart Access

About Swiftlane

As one of the latest players in the touchless entry and video intercom industry, San Francisco-based Swiftlane is offering building access systems with mobile entry.

Like other access control providers, Swiftlane is attempting to reduce the need for key cards and fobs, decreasing the risk of unauthorized entry, and allowing tenants and property owners to grant entry.

Key Features

Swiftlane’s unified security solution offers the most diverse and flexible security features for users and system admins.

  • Integrated access control and video intercom system, including face recognition access, mobile app unlock, PIN code and key cards and fobs
  • IK10 rated vandal-resistant touchscreen directory and digital multi-tenant screen
  • Sleek mobile app for residents that reliably receive video intercom calls every time
  • Generate temporary, single-use PIN codes with the ability to set expiration times
  • Schedule multi-use PIN codes during specific days and times

Hardware: The SwiftReader

The SwiftReader combines multiple forms of access control and video intercom into a single device and offers the smartest, most secure way to access any multifamily building.

  • Robust metal enclosure
  • Slick, matte dark gray finish
  • Weatherproof and water-resistant design
  • Simple, one wire Power over Ethernet install
  • Quick installation process
  • IK07 impact rated for vandal resistance
  • Strong, secure aluminum body with vandal-proof design
  • Sunshade options for outdoor units with water-resistant enclosure
  • Additional theft and vandal protection insurance available

Swiftlane Pricing

Several factors influence the cost of integrating Swiftlane into any given project, including building size, number of users, number of properties, etc. While the cost will vary from project to project, there will always be three components to the Swiftlane pricing model: hardware, annual software license, and installation.

Hardware: Swiftlane’s SwiftReader and Door Controller are one of the most competitively priced systems available on the market today compared to similar product offerings of the same form and function.

Annual Licensing: Swiftlane is a cloud-managed system, which replaces legacy on-site systems. The additional convenience of over-the-air software updates, remote management, and automated cloud backup with encrypted storage comes with an annual software licensing fee.

Installation: Swiftlane has a vast network of expert, local installers that provide fast, on-the-ground support, including installation.

Pros & cons


  • Swiftlane video intercom users can accept calls from anywhere on their smartphones.
  • Swiftlane’s property admin dashboard enables property managers and owners to review door entry logs.
  • Video intercom and door access features are combined into a single door panel.
  • Reduces the need for key cards, access badges, and key fobs.


  • 5.8-inch display which is smaller than competitors’
  • Lack of PIN codes for visitors and deliveries
  • May not offer integrations with property management or access control systems.
  • New company with low customer reviews
  • Little information about ongoing and additional maintenance costs
  • Does not have an 11.6-inch display with options for leasing office and self-guided tours
  • Facial recognition often does not work and poses legal risks for property owners and managers around tenant data privacy in major cities like New York.
  • Lacking delivery options including one-time delivery codes for Amazon
  • Security and durability concerns
  • No elevator integrations

ButterflyMX vs. Swiftlane

The Swiftlane video intercom may be a poor choice for multifamily and commercial buildings because of its high cost, security and durability issues, and lack of access control, property management, and smart lock integrations. In addition, real estate professionals may find that they’re better off with a video intercom system that’s designed to be outside. More established video intercom providers like ButterflyMX offer all the features and functions of Swiftlane’s intercom but with greater functionality and durability.

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